Integrated Security Systems

Cardinal Security Services limited moves with the trend of electronic security technology. We derive satisfaction in protecting our numerous clients with excellent electronic technology devices at an affordable cost.

As a security solution indigenous outfit, we bear in mind the ever changing society and the technological advancement of the economy. In this vein we take delight in providing such technological expertise to our esteemed client. In this we render a 24/7 control room set up, installation and maintenance of technological applications such as cybersecurity, penetration testing, surveillance device, Alarm systems, Access control devices, RFID, Guard Tour devices, and vehicle tracking devices.

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Integrated Security Systems

CCTV is a video system in which specifically placed cameras record video images and transmit these to a monitor/monitors, with only a small number of people being able to access it. These cameras record both inside and outside of your offices, homes, and records the footage in a cloud or in the device itself in a hard disc provided. Often times the video recordings could be downloaded or saved on your phones and you can stream the LIVE VIEW from your phones or tablets anywhere you are.

Special features of the camera also include the ability to capture license plate in a case of emergency or theft. CCTV used on the road can help prevent accident. In addition, it can help you make on the spot assessment of the road usage for rough drivers and always put them in check.

The Access Control System is an electronic system, which utilizes electronic keys (the tags) to release door locks. The tag, which will be carried by the user on their key ring, is presented in the Proximity of a reader, located adjacent to a door and communicates with that reader utilizing encoded radio waves.

Access Control System helps in limiting access to an unauthorized user to a system or to physical or virtual resources. It also helps keep people, property and asset safe Time attendance is also a special feature of the system because helps to take staff arrival and departure records in the facility.

This allows you to know everything happening in real time by monitoring your vehicles, kids, goods, pets, bags and it activities.

When you install the GPS system, fleet and personnel tracker from anywhere at any time is possible. With the GEOFENCING system, you can create a boundary for your vehicle and personal effects. With the idle alert, it tells you when your vehicle is at a spot for a long time with the engine running.

For vehicles, fuel consumption check is a key factor. In addition, the system helps you read the mileage of your vehicle so as to allow you monitor the due maintenance date effectively. It also has the speed limiter to check speed limits, the SOS button in times of emergency and worldwide coverage. The tracking activities can also be viewed from your mobile phone, which makes the system accessible everywhere anytime.

This device promotes effective and efficient foot patrol, monitor and track movements in real-time as they conduct patrols, location visits, and inspections. With the device in use there will no need for storing paper dials of staff patrols. In addition, Ability to create random patrol routes Guards at locations patrol at convenient times and Reduction in complex and sometimes unverifiable report.

A Perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) is a device or sensor that detects the presence of an intruder attempting to breach the physical perimeter of a property, building, or other secured area. A PIDS is typically deployed as part of an overall security system and is often found in high-security environments such as correctional facilities, airports], military bases, and nuclear plants.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems are usually installed in an outdoor environment at the perimeter limits or around sensitive, high-risk areas. The sensors detect, deter, and delay intruders. The installation of Perimeter intrusion detection systems provides critical time for security teams to respond to any intrusion. Triggered alarms can be located to zone areas and CCTV used to access the overall risk from the intrusion.

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