We provide professionally trained operatives who are carefully selected and vetted and have attained necessary levels of education. We ensure that they are medically and physically fit to perform their roles as static security guards. Our operatives are always well kitted and identified by their unique uniforms. Though unarmed, we deploy the use of technology to ensure our guards effectively discharge their responsibilities. Our operatives could be stationed at banks, hotels, manufacturing complexes, shopping centers, hospitals, religious institutions, government offices etc.


We conduct prior investigation checks for companies and individuals as part of an employment process. We also render undercover services to our clients on a strict confidential basis to unravel fraud.


We provide customer friendly event security and crowd management services- Whether social or corporate event of any size, our security officers are fully trained and prepared to meet any requirement your function may present.


We liaise with the armed forces in Nigeria, Police etc. in providing armed security services for clients upon request.


Cardinal security services is AVSEC Certified and we support operations in:

  • Airport Security
  • Cabin and Luggage checks.
  • Passenger and Non Passenger Screening(NPS)
  • Hold baggage screening (HBS)
  • Aircraft access control
  • Cargo screening and airfreight security
  • Cargo escort

    Increasing off-shore maritime threats have resulted in huge losses for companies, necessitating the need to finding new methods to battle these threats. Cardinal Security Services through its Maritime service has positioned itself to proffer verified and tested solutions to mitigate these security threats successfully.   Our Maritime team of experts include experienced ex- naval personnel, special operations unit personnel, armed and unarmed maritime security personnel who have undergone several intensive security trainings.   Our clients include but not limited to Oil Majors, oil serving companies, Oil exploration companies, commercial shipping companies, and superyacht owners. Our Maritime services cuts across the following:

  • Vessel and personnel protection
  • Maritime security consultancy
  • Off-shore and on-shore security
  • Pipeline security
  • Stowaway prevention, ship security audits
  • Maritime intelligence & vessel tracking
  • Providing complete desktop risk assessments, remote risk consultancy, on-site security audits and tracking to its clients
  • Securing the goods and seafarers abroad
  • Naval escorts
  • Cardinal is fully licensed by the Nigerian Government under the auspices of the Nigeria Maritime and Safety Agency(NIMASA) as well as other relevant Nigerian authorities.

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