Cardinal Security Services provides high value security services for our clients. Our professionalism and expertise ensures that our clients have the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable and competent partner. Our services cover:

Technical Security Application. 
Cardinals’ team of experts provide support to businesses in the provision of electronic security measures such as CCTV, Alarm systems specialist search and protective equipment. Mobile and static guards and police personnel can back up this electronic equipment.

Security Risk Analysis.
Cardinal Security’ online service and text messaging service provides daily weekly and monthly analysis of Nigeria. City Brief offers an in-depth reference to Nigeria. For longer-term assessments and detailed forecasts, clients commission specific reports on a country, region or topic. Our in-house team of analysts is supported by a network of retained correspondents.

Investigation, Due Diligence Checks And Vetting. 
We carry out standard investigation procedures for our clients based on the investigation need and also provide due diligence checks and vetting for client premises.

Close Protection. 
We make available on request professional body-guards who are well trained in Marshall arts with / without Arms and Ammunition depending on client’s need.

Special Services. 
We also provide special escort services for clients who work in rigs and volatile locations where kidnappings and hostage taking are rampant. We partake in kidnap and ransom management, hostage negotiations and rescue of clients, plus provide up-to-date information through all the phases of our negotiations till the rescue mission is completed

Guard Force.
We provide security guards to client locations on contract basis. Such guards may be uniformed or non-uniformed depending on the needs of our clients. Our guards are to work on shifts so as to provide emergency relief on a rotational basis. Number of guards to be dispatched to a client’s location is strictly stipulated by the client, but we will provide advice on what we believe a client’s best options are.
For uniformed guards, we provide clients with our own sourced security guards as well as mobile police men who Mann client locations for 12-24 hours. The non-uniformed guards are site supervisors who oversee the affairs of the guards and site security manager(s) who oversee the entire client location and reports back to us and also the client representative on issues concerning the site.
We provide our guards with working materials such as Uniforms (complete regalia), batons, torches, umbrellas, whistles, notebooks, etc.

Security Consultancy.
Cardinal Security advises organisations on developing and implementing an overall corporate security strategy. In particular, we advise organisations how to reduce the risks to their people, information and physical assets. When the threat to business is particularly acute, Cardinal Security deploys specialist security co-ordinators to operations such as mines, construction sites or oil installations.

Crisis Response.
If a client falls victim to an acute crisis such as an abduction or product extortion, Cardinal Security will immediately deploy a consultant to advise on negotiation strategies and liaise with local law enforcement. Our role is strictly advisory: we do not intervene. Cardinal Security has handled over 800 such crises and is a leader in this field.

Emergency Response Services. 
We provide motorized patrol response services for client locations within and outside Lagos. The response teams attend to Distress Calls, Escort Engineers/Staff to site/places of work, Protection of workers/Engineers during movements, Respond to Police harassment / threats, and so on. These patrol teams could be dedicated or non-dedicated with options for call-outs.

Security Equipment Installation And Maintenance. 
Cardinal Security Services provides the following security gadgets and services with a maintenance fee contract for client homes and offices or as need be:

  • Alarm Panic Buttons
  • Guard Monitoring and Management Devices
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Metal Detection/Scanning Door
  • Communication and Tracking Equipment
  • Surveillance Devices
  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Monitoring
  • Control Room Set-Up Ext

Meet-And-Greet and Airport Protocol.
Special And Detailed Country Briefings For New Arrivals In Nigeria. We provide meet-and-greet / airport protocol services and security / country briefing for our clients on request (with at least one-week notice). Such services include the provision of passenger vehicle(s) and patrol team(s) as requested by the client. This service is to convey and escort visitors (usually expatriates) from the airport to hotels or private residences, provide escort services for the duration of their stay or as need be and also provide such services on their return.